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 Wednesday, March 18th, 2020

Good evening Rock Star families,

After much consideration and holding out as long as we could, Rock Star Gymnastics Academy is suspending all operations. This will include classes, camps, gym events, private lessons, etc. This decision comes after the County of San Diego’s most recent update to the health order that all gyms and fitness centers must close as of March 19th. We are extending this closure through April 1st. And we will send out an emailed update prior to that date with any additional updates moving forward.

Our last day of regular operation will be today, Wednesday, March 18th. We will be open tomorrow for office hours from 9am – 6pm to answer any questions or concerns via telephone at (619) 424 – FLIP (3547). Please no in-person inquiries.

Outside of these times and after tomorrow, you may contact us via email at info@rockstargymnastics.com, our website www.rockstargymnastics.com, or via any of our social media handles – FaceBook or Instagram.

Below is some information regarding your gym accounts to answer some questions you may have:


A credit to your gym account has been automatically issued for the 2 weeks of this closure. Credits are good for up to one year of issue and can be used towards any future payments. Please respond to this email or give us a call with any questions or concerns. 


The next automatic payment processing date for the next Session 5 was initially set for March 30th. We will be pushing this date back one week. Automatic payments will process next on April 6th. Should we need to further adjust this date, we will send out notice in the next gym-wide update via email. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to respond to this email or give us a call.


 Any camps or gym events already enrolled in will follow the same guidelines outlined above under class enrollments and payments. Any camp or gym event enrollment has been dropped. Credits to the accounts have been issued automatically for these events onto your gym account. 


All USA Gymnastics sanctioned events have been put on hold, which in turn means our Spring competitive season has been put on hold as well. The Pac Sun Invite in LA at the end of the month has been cancelled. We have not received any updates from the Spring Fling at South Bay YMCA meet hosts at this time. The hosts of the Floral Cup at Cameron YMCA at the end of May are still planning to run the meet as planned. As mentioned at the beginning of the season, funds for competitions are non-refundable as they have already been sent out to the meet host. There is a lot that goes into planning and hosting meets and we stand by any decisions of the meet hosts. If we do receive any word about meet entry fees being returned, we will definitely pass on to you all as soon as possible. We are so bummed that our season has taken a turn but we want each of the athletes to know that all the their hard work has not gone to waste. They have had a very successful and progressive season thus far. Let’s hope this all calms down as soon as possible so we can get back to training!

Final thoughts...

We just want to thank everyone for their continued support. Those that attended classes the last few days, those that kept your children home for various reasons, those who have been in touch with us… we appreciate and respect each and every one of your decisions. This was a tough decision for us. Rock Star was founded on being a place where children can come to enjoy physical activity, engage in a social atmosphere with peers their age, and have fun to escape the realities of the outside world… as well as learn the amazing sport of gymnastics!!

We are a small business just trying to hold our own through this trying time and hoping we can make it out on the other side. Rock Star staff consists of moms, college students, high school students… many of whose sole income and livelihood comes from their employment with us. This is another reason we decided to stay open for as long as we could. This was not any easy decision in any regard. As we all are learning to navigate this situation that is changing every day and every hour, please remember to stay respectful and courteous of others situations. We’re all in this together… Solid as a ROCK!

We want to wish you all the very best and happy social distancing! Remember, this too shall pass... and we will be able to Shine Like a STAR again!!

- Miss Lonna, Miss Denisha, and all of Rock Star Staff

*Please be on the lookout for our next update email towards the end of the month. 

Schedule and Prices

Solid as a Rock... Shine like a Star!

The Next Levels

Intermediate 4-6 years

Intermediate 9+ years

Intermediate 9+ years


  45 minute classes for 4 weeks                  $63

Intermediate 9+ years

Intermediate 9+ years

Intermediate 9+ years


   45 minute classes for 4 weeks                  $63 


Intermediate 9+ years

Level 1 Team


   60 minute classes for 4 weeks                  $73 

Level 1 Team

Level 2 & 3 Team

Level 1 Team


90 minute classes for 4 weeks                  $77 

Level 2 & 3 Team

Level 2 & 3 Team

Level 2 & 3 Team


   2 hour classes for 4 weeks                  $87

Level 4 Team

Level 2 & 3 Team

Level 2 & 3 Team


   3 hour classes for 4 weeks                  $97


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 Rock Star Gymnastics Academy wants to wish a Very Happy Birthday to our March & April Rock Stars Babies: 

Birthday Parties


Great way to Party no matter the Weather!


Our fun-loving & experienced coaches will provide tons of exciting games, activities, circuits, and gymnastics for children of all ages! We will work closely with you on every detail of your FANTASTIC BIRTHDAY memories that will last a lifetime!

Pricing & Guidelines:

Our kids love to introduce their friends and family to their Gymnastics Academy by inviting them to their Birthday Party at Rock Star! Parties are held on Saturdays and Sundays only at our San Diego location. Time slots are assigned on a first come first served basis & in chronological order.

Parties are 1.5 hours long.


Available times


(Availability Subject to Gym Events)






How does it work?


For the first 45 minutes the kids will be doing gymnastics with the assistance of our coaches. The coaches will plan the activities according to the age majority of the children attending. Children under 3 years of age must be accompanied by an adult. During these 45 minutes the parents may be setting up for the party. We will provide tables and chairs. The parents are to provide the paper goods, food, drinks, goodie bags, etc.

The last 45 minutes are dedicated to the birthday celebration. This is when the children eat and or play supervised games. The cutting of the cake and opening of presents also take place during this time. Parents are to supervise the children during these last 45 minutes and THE CHILDREN ARE NOT TO BE ON THE GYMNASTICS FLOOR.

Your cooperation in being prompt is greatly appreciated by us, but more importantly by the party before or after you. Please be as considerate of others as you hope they will be of you.

***HELPFUL TIPS: Remember to bring candles, matches, and a knife. 

Scheduling a Birthday Party



  1 Group/Class $120
2 Groups/Classes $180
3 Groups/Classes $240
4 Groups/Classes $300
Number of Groups is determined by AGES of Party Attendees… Younger Ages have a lower Child/Staff Ratio. 



 A 50% deposit is required to hold the day and time. Until the deposit is received, the time slot is not held for you. The balance is due the day of the party. Please inform us by the Thursday before the party of the total number of children attending. This is to schedule the staff and coaches needed for your party. You will be charged according to the total number of children attending. 


The Fine Print

Please book your party at least four weeks prior to your desired party date. A 50% deposit is due at booking. Deposits will be refunded ONLY if you cancel three weeks prior to the date of the party. We are always willing to reschedule your party to a different date. Rescheduling is free of charge if it is done three weeks prior to the original party date. Thereafter a $100 fee will apply. Once your deposit is paid, you will receive a confirmation letter with all of the pre-party and party details. We must receive your guest list at least three weeks prior to the party so that we may send out the invitations in a timely manner.

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About Us



We're here to help! Everyone has to start somewhere. Here's a little bit about how we got started. Some of you may not know… but Miss Lonna started her own Business and Gymnastics Program on December 11, 2007 in the City of Chula Vista as The San Diego Gymnastics Academy. This Program grew and was busting at the seems from the Montgomery Waller Recreation Center on Thursdays. She soon added classes on Tuesdays and Fridays… but still needed more room and time for her growing students. She started another program at the San Ysidro Recreation Center off of Diza Road on Wednesdays and Saturdays as well. Soon… She had her first Gymnasts, Ana Lisset Gonzalez and Alyssa Zatarain, ready to Compete. From that point on… our Competitive Team erupted onto the Competitive scene with more gymnasts like; Abigail Cornejo, Mia Fillipini, Brooke Abrantes, Adrienne Fernandez, Alani Johnson, Kassidy Davis, Lisette Soto and many more! Some of our Gymnasts won 1st place on Events and in All-Around at STATE in their first year Competing!!!! But to our surprise… There was another San Diego Gymnastics Academy that opened up on October 27, 2007 on the State Level. Our companies never crossed paths until we were at a Competition and there were TWO “San Diego Gymnastics Academy’s” and our girls didn’t know when to Salute! lol… Well… as you guessed it… we had to change our name to “Rock Star Gymnastics Academy” because we indeed got our name 41 days after the first San Diego Gymnastics Academy. We have a Good Competitive Relationship with the San Diego Gymnastics Academy and have nothing but good feelings towards their Team, Staff & Owners.

With that being said… ROCK STAR GYMNASTICS ACADEMY has become a place built for the Kids of the South Bay and Beyond. We have a completely open door policy and try our best to make each of our Students feel like part of our Rock Star Family. We strive to be the kind of place where you and your Children can come to Relax, have Fun, and Learn one of the Oldest and Greatest Sports in the World, Gymnastics. We offer our Recreational and Competitive program to Boys and Girls ages 12 months through 23 years of age… Preschool, School-Age, Home School, Charter School, Junior High, High School and College!

We feel strongly that our most important Mission in this World is to Teach the Kids. We take Pride in influencing their lives as well as their families, and Respect and Value the Daily Connections we make as a Team and Gym Family.

Rock Star Gymnastics Academy: Where we Teach Our Kids to be Solid as a ROCK and Shine like a STAR!

At Rock Star Gymnastics Academy we offer both Recreation and Competitive Classes to both Boys and Girls. Our Rock Star Family includes residents from Chula Vista and San Diego County. Our students come for Recreation, Fun & Fitness. Our Rock Stars also develop Self-Confidence, Coordination & Social Development Skills in Classes and Community Events. Our Gymnasts may begin Competitive Training as early as age 5 and Level 3! Parents of our Rock Stars have been known to say, “I’ve never seen them so happy to exercise!” The Structured classes are a great overall outlet for all that Extra Energy!

Nothing is more Important than your Child’s Self-Confidence. Be assured that we keep Safety in mind as we provide a Positive and Fun Learning Experience. We except children as early as 12 months all the way up to 23 years of age! Physical, Mental, and Social Challenges await your Child in our Quality Programs. Watch your Child’s Confidence grow as they Experience both Small and Big Successes.

Gymnastics is one of the most Fundamental and Exciting of all Physical Activities. Basic gymnastics skills develop attributes that are perfect Stepping Stones for other sports. In our classes children learn Flexibility, Balance, Strength, Discipline and Agility. Through proper Instruction, children enrolled in Gymnastics Programs demonstrate a heightened progress in a number of Key Developmental areas.

Coordination: Learned through basic Gymnastics Skills, a child develops a keener sense of Balance, Coordinated Movement & Body and Spatial Awareness.

Confidence: Gymnastics training is based on learning a Progression of Skills. As a gymnast moves from Easy Movements to more Complex Skills, he/she develops a sense of Accomplishment and a Natural Confidence in his/her Abilities.

Goal Orientation: The progressive nature of Gymnastics teaches a child the purpose and value of Setting Goals for his/her efforts… a valuable lesson at any age.

Discipline: Gymnastics is its own best reward. As gymnasts progress, they learn that in order to Improve, certain things have to be done in a certain way each time if it’s going to work. That requires Discipline. The incentive for applying that discipline is basic: Pure Fun! Children learn very early that discipline can lead to some very enjoyable Successes.

Organization: Still in its early stages, recent research suggests Physical Training in Gymnastics enhances a Typical Progress. While having more fun, a child is required to be Organized, Disciplined and focused on the Task at Hand. As a Natural Outgrowth of Training, Children learn to Approach the Challenges of Life Logically, Sensibly and with Confidence.

Creativity: Gymnastics allows children to express themselves in a Unique and Individualized way. So much of gymnastics is Exploration. Children are constantly challenged to try New Skills, to discover just how much they can accomplish with Hard Work and Creative Thinking. The list of benefits goes on, Fueled by the Potential and the Promise the Sport of Gymnastics holds for each child who Wanders into the gym and learns how to Stretch his or her Wings and Mind.

Rock Star Gymnastics Academy
3065 Beyer Blvd #104-B
San Diego, CA 91911
(619) 424-3547

Training Expertise

 Our coaching Staff varies in age and expertise. Our youngest Staff Members are 15.5 years and have just graduated our Internship Program. The experience and expertise varies from Gymnastics, Dance, Cheer, Soccer and other Sports Conditioning and Flexibility. Many of our coaches are still in High School or are getting their degrees in college.

Your Success is Our Goal

 At Rock Star Gymnastics Academy we strive to help our kids set achievable goals, challenge them in a safe and fun atmosphere while also building their self-esteem and confidence through accountability, discipline and success. Rock Star Gymnastics Academy... Where kids learn to be Solid as a Rock... Shine like a Star!