Miss Lonna (Owner & Head Coach)

Miss Lonna Rock Star Gymnastics Academy Owner & Head Coach

Miss Lonna Rock Star Gymnastics Academy Owner & Head Coach

MISS LONNA (Head Coach/Owner)

My name is Lonna, aka “Miss Lonna.” I started gymnastics at the age of 6 (year 1988) at the Sports Park in Imperial Beach. I soon outgrew the equipment in the Parks and Rec. so my grandmother, Carrie brought me religiously to the YMCA, when it was in National City off Highway 54 and Highland. The YMCA then moved to Main Street and Hiltop in Chula Vista and I started Competing there in 5th Grade (year 1992).

I continued Competing until my Junior Year of High School after going to Nationals a few times and reaching Level 9. I became a Varsity Cheerleader at Eastlake High, but it wasn’t my calling. I lost my Optional Head Coach after he moved to Nebraska to teach at his family’s Gym, but I found Dance. Parents used to always ask my Grandmother how many years I had taken dance… she’d always laugh and tell them that I’d never taken any dance. I grew a fascination for Ballet, Jazz, Modern and Hip Hop, Capoeira, Tap, Acting in Plays, Singing in the Chamber Singers and I was even in a Salsa Group!

After I graduated in 2000, I received a letter in the mail from my old director from the YMCA. She was asking me to work the Front Desk at the Gymnastics Center. Before I knew it I was coaching. Then I started a Level 4 Competitive Team and I soon found a new Love and a feeling of Purpose.

I’d found my calling and a new Passion for Gymnastics! I coached for the YMCA for 6 years, and for Loma Verde and Parkway for 5 years, went to several Coaching trainings up in Fullerton, and at other YMCA’s in the area. I used to drive 45 minutes to S.C.E.G.A in Temecula and back to learn how an Elite Gymnastics Academy was run. I moved to Arizona for a Year and taught at the Anthem Community Center and at the Phoenix Gymnastics Academy.

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