Rock Stars, Angela & Isabella, at March-In Spring Fling Level 2 Competition April 27, 2014

Rock Stars, Angela & Isabella, at March-In Spring Fling Level 2 Competition April 27, 2014

Advanced Gymnastics Requirements:

Our Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced classes are considered “recreational.”

Recreational programs at Rock Star Gymnastics Academy are designed first and foremost to be safe and fun. They also provide superior physical development (special awareness, flexibility and strength), challenging activity and a measure of success and accomplishment for the child.

Each class is streamed according to age, level and/or previous experience. Boys and Girls are coached in separate groups.


2017 Advanced

2017 Advanced

The Level 1 Team is a Class for the Advanced Gymnast who has Perfected Bridge Kick-Overs on Floor by themselves, Pull-Over and Back-Hip Circles on Bars.

In the Advanced Classes, Gymnasts will learn Back-Walkovers, Beginning Back Hand Springs and Front Tumbling on Floor. Mill Circles and Glide Swings on Bars and once on Level 1 “Team” will start to learn Level 2 Routines to be Prepared to Compete.

This Class is by Invitation Only.

Once the Advanced has Mastered all skills, has memorized the Routines on all 4 Events and has mastered a Back-Hand-Spring on Floor, they are ready for the Performance Meet! :o)

Advanced Gymnastics Requirements: Vault
•handstand flat back onto mat stack

Advanced Gymnastics Requirements: Bars
•front hip circle
•single leg squat through
•forward stride circle (mill circle) or single leg basket swing
•back hip circle
•underswing dismount

Advanced Gymnastics Requirements: Beam
•leap with 90 degree split
•straight jump
•side handstand dismount*

Advanced Gymnastics Requirements: Floor
•split jump
•handstand forward roll
•handstand to a bridge to a kickover
•leap with 90 degree split
•backward roll to a pushup position
•round-off back-handspring*

Once a gymnast can perform all of these skills and she has learned the Advanced gymnastics compulsory routines, she is ready to compete in an Advanced meet.

Then they Pass to Level 1 Team.